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Alexander Roque

Alexander Roque has over 20 years of experience in thenon-profit sector. Over the past 15 years, Alex has led community and businessdevelopment, fundraising, and communications for non-profit organizations.


Alex was recruited to the Ali Forney Center in 2011 to launchthe agency’s first in-house Development Department aimed at building capacity,community relations and business infrastructure. In his time, he has tripledthe organization's budget, increased program and administrative capacity, andhas introduced robust corporate and community relations programs helping to AFCthe leading provider of care and support services for LGBTQ youth. In March of2020, he was named the Executive Director of the organization succeeding itsfounder of 18 years.


Prior to joining AFC, Alex led the field development andoperations for a health charity where he mobilized a national field fundraisingand operation’s model raising much needed services and funds for research,family services, and development. In the years before running this nationalprogram, Alex led programs for youth in the dependency systems residing infoster care.


Alex has also worked with the Center for Anti-Violence Educationwhich provides empowerment services, education, and self defense training tohelp women overcome and heal from the traumas of sexual harassment, assault,rape, domestic violence, racism, gender based violence, racism, sexism,homophobia and transphobia. He also worked with The Fibromyalgia CareSociety of America serving to raise awareness and services for those livingwith Fibromyalgia. In 2018, Alex was appointed to the board of Lady Gaga’s BornThis Way Foundation. He works closely with the foundation’s founders andleadership on their work to support young people throughout the United Statesand around the world.


 Alex lives in Brooklyn with his husband and their five-year-oldson.

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