An LGBTQIA + Conversation

Jimmy Maynes

Jimmy offers an exceptional record of achievement directinghigh-level entertainment operations, with a strong background in the musicindustry, directing talent management, A&R, and event management, andmultiple gold and platinum albums to his credit. Jimmy's background includesthe roles of Chief Executive Officer, Artist Manager, Tour Manager & Producer,Senior A&R Consultant, TV & Film Producer, and Head of Music Jimmy hasprevious experience with ASCAP, Sony, and other entertainment companies, aswell as providing artist representation, and he excels at driving revenuegrowth through innovative brand development and promotion, identification andacquisition of artists and properties, and expansion into new creative andtechnology areas. He is highly adept at building and leading top-performingteams, developing profitable relationships with top-tier clients, andcoordinating large-scale projects, and he possesses excellent problem solvingand communication skills.

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